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    setting the service standard

    Online trading service communities have become saturated with self labeled “educators” and so called “masters” of trading. Almost all of these self pro-claimed masters fail at the most important factor. They fail at providing results and performance numbers that prove their style of trading work. Staunch is strictly aware and solely focused on the fact that the most important factor to trading are the results.

    Real Time Trading Alerts

    Precise entries, exits and stop losses and trade management on all trades.
    Trade alerts are called on private real time twitter feed and sms to your cell phone.
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    Trade with an experienced team

    Option day trading has been touted as a complex and complicated process. What many tend to look over is the fact that option products were built by people no smarter than you. The Staunch Trading Model with Staunch’s experienced execution simplifies a complex process into a simple trade entry and exit for you to utilize.

    The Staunch team has been actively trading since 2008. Actively managing trades, risk and potential variables in the market.
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rules to trading professionally

• follow your discipline

Discipline can’t be taught in a seminar or found in expensive trading software. Traders spend thousands of dollars trying to compensate for their lack of self-control but few realize that a long look in the mirror accomplishes the same task at a much cheaper price!

• Engage Your Trading Plan

Build a trading plan and update it daily to include new ideas and change bad ones.

• Lose the Crowd and silence the noise

Long-term profitability requires positioning ahead of or behind the crowd, but never in the crowd because that’s where predatory strategies target. This is serious business you need clear vision and less noise to execute your trading plan.

• Don’t Confuse Execution With Opportunity

Traders make up for insufficient skills with expensive software, prepackaged with all sorts of proprietary buy and sell signals. These tools interfere with valuable experience because you think the software is smarter than you are.

• Trading the right size

Always trade with size that your unattached with emotionally.

• Forget About the Holy Grail

Losing traders fantasize about the secret formula that will magically improve their results. In reality, there are no secrets because the road to success always passes through careful choice, effective risk management, and skilled profit taking.

• Don’t Break Your Rules

You create trading rules to get you out of trouble when positions don’t go your way. If you don’t allow them to do their job, you’ve lost your discipline and opened the door to even greater losses.

• The Bottom Line

The vast majority of traders fail to tap their full potential, eventually cashing in their chips and finding more traditional ways to make money. Become a proud member of the professional minority by following classic rules designed to keep a razor-sharp focus on profitability.


member reviews

  • This is the best! Low risk trades with high probability returns. It really doesn’t get any better than this worth every penny!
    – Richard G.
  • Part of the reason i’m in this Trading room – Staunch is the most level-headed, consistent options guy i’ve come across.
    – Bruno N.
  • I greatly commend Staunch on his patience; which helps a lot on these kind of markets
    – Dan T.
  • Staunch you are constantly on the money with entries and exits. Keep them coming. My abilities as a trader continue to improve thank you.
    – Terrance M.

    Expectations + Goals

    We are the first to admit our trading model does not alert winning trades 100% of the time. Staunch understands the consistency of any strategy is the execution. Staunch’s execution examines risk vs reward and adds the human element of analyzing financial market variables in real-time. The combination of execution and the trading model results in a successful trading methodology.

    Our claim is with proper execution and Active Risk Management our win/loss ratio reigns supreme. This is the edge we have over the market that results in consistent trading success.

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