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Staunch Trading Model


  • Visionary Methodology

    The trading model is based on proven analysis of technical data points and broad market forecasts. The analysis factors in data of algorithmic trading frequences to pinpoint directional predictions.

  • Result Driven Service

    Industry leader with consistent results. Our service is simply result driven as it should be. Above all stock analysis and trader education the end game must be positive results

  • Real-time Alerts

    The Staunch Trading Model provides option trade alerts in real-time providing both trade entries & exits.

  • Experienced Execution

    Improved results with a decade of trade experience. The execution process continually analyzes market variables and conditions throughout each trade and manages risk accordingly.

Performance Metrics

The metrics below details average trade quantity and the type of reward/risk averages the Staunch Trading Model achieves

  • Average Gain


    Per Winning trade

    All trades posted in real-time

  • Reward:Risk Ratio

    3.52 : 1

    includes all trades

    Average expected returns compared to the amount of risk undertaken

  • Average Loss


    Per losing trade

    All trades posted in real-time

  • Average trade count

    Per week


    Entry and exit counted as one trade

  • Average trade count

    Per Month


    Trade count average per month

  • Average trade count

    Per year


    Trade count average per year

  • .

Staunch Member Reviews

  • This is the best! Low risk trades with high probability returns. It really doesn’t get any better than this worth every penny!
    – Richard G.
  • Part of the reason i’m in this Trading room – Staunch is the most level-headed, consistent options guy i’ve come across.
    – Bruno N.
  • I greatly commend Staunch on his patience; which helps a lot on these kind of markets
    – Dan T.
  • Staunch you are constantly on the money with entries and exits. Keep them coming. My abilities as a trader continue to improve thank you.
    – Terrance M.
  • When I first started trading I never really worried about how much I could make or lose. I knew if I was just able to find consistency the rest would fall in line. I’m thankful to be finding that now with you Staunch.
    -Ben R
  • I have traded long enough to know that winning trades come and go. The most important factor with achieving them is the timing. That my friend is what I commend your service on. Good blessings to you and lets keep going.
    -Kurt P.


Staunch Trading Model

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