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    Setting the Standard for service & transparency

    Online trading service communities have become saturated with self labeled “educators” and so called “masters” of trading. Many of who have made claims to educate you the consumer retail trader on how to profit tens of thousands and even millions of dollars trading their strategies. Almost all of these self pro-claimed masters of trading fail at the most important factor. They fail at providing results and performance numbers that prove their strategies work. They are more willing to sell you a dream then to actually provide statistics of their strategies. Staunch Trading does not sell potential dreams. You will not see flash, glitz or glamour attempting to entice you. We have no reason to flash fancy houses or cars. We don’t need to remind you what the rewards of trading successfully are. What traders do with their money is their business. Staunch is strictly aware and solely focused on the fact that the most important factor to trading are results.

    Say no to penny stocks and cryptocurrencies

    The typical trading guru headline example:
    “Just made $2000 in one trade! Want to know how? I’ll teach you!”

    It is wrong to judge any trade on monetary gain alone. In the scenario above where a trader claims to make a $2000 in one day, further information is required before allowing this statement to impact your judgement. The question that should be asked is how much did the trader have to initially invest to make $2000 in one trade? Finding this answer will allow you calculate the actual percentage gain relative to the initial investment. Too many penny stock trading services leave percentage gain information out. They are preying on the retail consumer trader to be hypnotized by monetary value.

    The sooner you realize in the scenario above the trader who made $2000 in one day had to put in $40,000 in initial capital to make a percentage gain of just 5% from the initial investment. The faster you can have perspective on the results. The follow up questions can start to flow.

    If you had $40,000 in your account would you devote all of it into one trade to make $2000?
    What if you only had $2000, would you put all of it in one trade to try to make a 5% gain of just $100?
    This is a fundamental problem with trading penny stocks. They are difficult to get filled on orders due to low liquidity and large spreads. Furthermore, the initial costs involve large sums to make any where close to a decent profit.

    Welcome to the financial product of Stock Options

    What if I told you from a 5% move in a stock that you could profit 100%? Its true, stock options are a product of the financial markets where trading a 5% move in a stock can reward you more than a 100% on your initial investment. If you are new or confused about this concept, don’t worry this is Staunch’s specialty and hes willing to give you the basics free of charge.

    Would you like to know more? Contact Staunch here with your questions


    The seasoned options trader having trouble with consistency

    Are you well educated with the basics of option trading but would like to uniform your trading into a consistent flow of success? Or have you tried multiple trading strategies but yet find anything reliable?

    Option day trading has been touted as a complex and complicated process. What many tend to look over is the fact that option products were built by people no smarter than you. The Staunch Trading Model with Staunch’s experienced execution simplifies a complex process into a simple trade entry and exit for you to utilize at your discretion.

    All traders no matter how talented go through the same challenges such as…
    1.) Deciding when and how to structure an entry to a trade
    2.) Deciding whether to hold trade.
    3.) Deciding when to take profit or a small loss.

    Staunch has put in countless hours monitoring and then tweaking the trading model into success. He’s actively managing trades, risk and potential variables in the market. The execution is all done by the team and when you become a member you will see all of these decisions made in real-time.


member reviews

  • This is the best! Low risk trades with high probability returns. It really doesn’t get any better than this worth every penny!
    – Richard G.
  • Part of the reason i’m in this Trading room – Staunch is the most level-headed, consistent options guy i’ve come across.
    – Bruno N.
  • I greatly commend Staunch on his patience; which helps a lot on these kind of markets
    – Dan T.
  • Staunch you are constantly on the money with entries and exits. Keep them coming. My abilities as a trader continue to improve thank you.
    – Terrance M.

    Expectations + Goals

    We are the first to admit our trading model does not alert winning trades 100% of the time. Staunch understands the consistency of any strategy is the execution. Staunch’s execution examines risk vs reward and adds the human element of analyzing financial market variables in real-time. The combination of execution and the trading model results in a successful trading methodology.

    Our claim is not that our Staunch Trading Method is perfect but with proper execution and Active Risk Management our win/loss ratio reigns supreme over the market. This is the edge we have over the market that results in consistent trading success.

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