Staunch Trading Model


Trading Model History

Sorting through the intricacies of day trading for any trader can be a daunting task. Staunch has been fortunate enough to have early success with his trading model. With early success he started to share his trading model by offering the resulting trade ideas privately to a small online trading community. After word spread and with multiple requests to share to the public, Staunch Trading was launched.


“Staunch” by definition is defined with loyalty, Staunch is only loyal to his trading model and executes the method strictly within its guidelines. The trading model is based with proven technical data points and incorporates broad market flow analysis. In addition the analysis factors in data of algorithmic trading frequencies in which increases the success of predictions.

The trading method continuously analyzes market variables within the ever changing market environment. The continuous analysis maximizes risk-management in each position in which provides whether positions should be taken for profit, exited for a minimal loss, or held on to for further gain.

Active Watch-list stocks

“Why do you only trade the same stocks?”

Our model is focused on the repeatable actions of high frequency algorithms. These large trading algorithms trade large sizes and create repeatable directional moves. The stocks we trade have the highest levels of algorithmic trading present in essence providing the liquidity needed to forecast and predict the next move.

The Staunch Option Trading Model is most efficient with high volume optionable equities in the momentum and technology sector.


The model is continuously being back-tested and updated to maximize efficiency to new optionable equities.

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