Being a part of the market rally to new highs May 5th

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What is the point of finding big 100% gains with options only to have multiple 100% losers?


Risk reward is the only game in town that will provide consistent “stress-less” results. We tend to trades that provide results with minimal draw downs. Ultimately meaning we don’t see our trades go from -50% to +100% in gains. Instead we tend to trades that go from near entry to the intended target gain.


It’s important to see the whole picture of trades as many traders can tout big winners but hide their losers. In many flawed cases traders fail to manage positions allowing them to go zero in hopes they will hit 100%.


At Staunch Trading we monitor each trade from beginning to end assessing the risk and reward. Here’s a two week snapshot of all our trades. See the entries, trade management and exits live by becoming a member today.