Have you ever wondered how Pro Option Day Traders buy and sell at the right time?

Improve your profitability with a proven track record
Prepare yourself to witness how pro traders trade the market with consistency. Staunch Trading has raised the bar for trading firms to become more transparent with their performance results. You no longer have to question whether a trading service is profitable before joining or whether a trading service posts only trade entries and not trade exits. At Staunch Trading we provide you with the performance results before you join and we post every trade entry with a trade exit to assist in profitability.

No performance fee vs two and twenty
Trading firms assess a cumulative standard fee of 2% and IF profitable an additional 20% on net profit for managing your account with their trades. On the contrary by choosing to manage your own trades you keep 100% of your net. And unlike paying the cumulative 2 and 20 percent performance fee for a questionable firms trade entries & exits. Staunch Trading shares trade entries & exits without a performance fee.

  • Membership Advantages

    *Pre-Action Trade notifications – Staunch provides commentary of a potential on-coming trade entry and exit before the alerts are sent out as a courtesy to those interested in the speed of information.

    *Position management updates – Commentary is provided in the trading room regarding market variables that may change the goal of a option trade. (i.e timeframe variables, strike selection and option expiration)