Navigating a short week. 3 gainer trades in 4 trading days.

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Forget everything else this week lets focus on execution, execution and execution. Congrats to members on a stellar week. Here’s a quick summary of a few names traded this week.

Facebook puts have traded well and continue to do so as the stock searches for support lower. Trading in and out of puts have done well as long traders look and wait for support. As investors we’re long as traders we’re in the business of making money now so we have the flexibility of trading calls and puts.

Nflx traders keep waiting and trying to trade the stock higher for a move. We trade the intraday moves lower and higher and continue to cash in on the stocks hesitation.

Babalicious. Huge move this week as we were long this week cashed a big pay off in the calls to 175 176. All systems go for 180 as traders look for the continuation.

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