Welcome Nvdia to the FANG sector. Successfully trading back to back calls.

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Buyers continue to buy the dips in the name and we have been ahead of them for two weeks in a row. With proper forecasting we’re able to capture the big spread using the weekly options.

The first trade on Dec 18th netted 200% gain using the Dec 22, 197.5 calls
The second trade a week later Dec 26 netted 240% gain using the Dec 29, 195 calls

Key components to consider that go into trading these moves with the weekly options

1.) forecasting the underlying move
2.) strike selection and option price

3.) exit strategy factoring in time decay of the option (letting the trade run to max profit)

We are proud to note that with discipline and a proper strategic plan that we have exited at the top of the rally both times.
I have highlighted the time stamps of the alerts to members of entries and target hits.