Have you ever wondered why stock picking services can offer to sell you a “proven strategy” but don’t post any type of historical record?

You’re an educated consumer and should very well question everyone and everything before deciding who has an influence on your trading journey. Your time and money are precious, we’ve heard from our staunch clients of the multiple bad experiences they’ve had with previous stock picking services that provide entry alerts with no exits. Along with stock picking services that have “proven strategies” but provide no record of statistics. At Staunch Trading we provide you with every trade entry and exit live and provide you with the record no matter a winner or loser. Yes, we are that confident in our trading model and trading execution.


Active Risk Management + Long Term Viability

Long term consistency of any strategy relies on Active Risk Management. Our claim is not that our Staunch Trading Model is perfect with 100% winners but rather our win/loss ratio reigns supreme over the market. Our trading model has a dominant win loss ratio because we incorporate Active Risk Management. It’s our strength and its the reason we are consistently profitable week after week. Trading accurate directional biases while managing risk is the edge we have over the markets.


Talk is cheap. Actions speak

At Staunch our goal is to lead our traders with real-time day trading to show with action how our trading model reigns supreme results. After all, what is the point of buying online courses from another service without that service showing you the success live; proving its profitability. We show our long term viability and success live during market hours. We release our performance sheet to you before so you can make an informed decision.