Trading the Fed Announcement move correctly… Again

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Here are 5 trades in the past 4 trading days.

Unlike others who post random stock charts about potential possibilities. This post is about showing our actual work. The stocks that we have forecasted.  The focus as always is quality over quantity. 

Watching for trade opportunities takes up most of our day so we’re big on trades but short on captions this post. If you have questions feel free to contact us .

Apple starts the week with a bang.
Monday morning first trade of the week. Looking for the apple rally to start things off. We get a fast reward to our first target 171.50. Swung positions for two days cash on the way up hits second target 173.

Stalked this one all morning to get the entry. Number one on our watch list. Hits targets on 2nd day cash on the way up.

Fed Announcement Wednesday
We got long $spy calls short term before the Fed announcement. Instant reward to target 265.5. This one was fun.

Lower ThursdayShort open spy took about an hour for market to start working our way but patience always pays.

Facebook twice in a row?
Missed FB trade twice now. Last week we stalked FB for a couple days but missed an entry and the trade went boom. This time we were actually in the trade but failed to hold for targets. Oh Well. Can’t focus on what could have been just build yourself a bridge and get over it. Onto the next trade.