How to trade S&P 3 times in the same week both long and short successfully

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One thing we love about the market making new highs every couple of weeks is the range it provides for traders. 100 point days in the market lead to great opportunities trading both long and short.

Here is the big picture… 3 SPY moves we’ve traded in the past 7 trading days

It starts with the day of the dead 12/1. We were planning to short SPY before the open at our 265 level (first tweet in photo below).

Finally after some headlines in the news of  General Flynn pleading guilty the market nose dives into a death drop.  One of the fastest sell offs of the year! Platform charts across the board  were lagging while the market dropped 300 points in a matter of 20 minutes..  Market went past our planned target of 263.75 so fast that we trigger the new target at 263 (3rd tweet in photo)

We book 150% gain using a conservative put expiration.

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

2nd Trade.. Midday Reversal Lower TUESDAY

Deathdrop Friday led into a larger bounce to new highs the following trading day Monday. Tuesday the market catches our attention after sellers sell SPY’s new high made Monday.

Tuesday we wait for an opportunity as the market makes a 50 point move higher to start to SPY 265 .
We alert subscribers of trading short only this day and did so at SPY 265.

Our forecast intention was to see the market REVERSE back into 264… and the SPY did just that! reversing midday under 264 down to 263. We start to take profit under 264 all the way down to 263.25 capitalizing  130% gain using a conservative put strike.

We captured the whole market days range from the absolute high to the closing low!

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

3rd Trade.. The finale Overnight BOUNCE

Wednesday and Thursday markets attempt to bounce but fails several times. Finally as trading started to close Thursday we conclude from our analysis and forecast marks that market will potentially overnight gap hgiher into Fridays action.

We prepare by getting long Thursday before the close.  Loading long at SPY 263.75 level with SPY calls.  We hold overnight and BOOM! SPY opens up 100 points higher. at 265! (tweeted to subscribers in photo below)

We continue to stay patient and alert subscribers  of a higher adjusted target at 265.50. After morning consolidation our patience pays as we take profits at Fridays SPY high at 265.50. We profit 110% using a conservative call strike.

Aggressive call strike (same day expiration) calls go for 400% gain.

(Follow along  Timestamp check our tweets out to subscribers using Central time market opens at 8:30AM)

Incredible forecasting and trading short and long.
Fun to be a part of.
Best part of it all is enjoying these moves with members.
Onto the next one fellas